Turkey Reservation Form

Please fill out this information form including the date you want to pick up your turkey and click on the "SUBMIT REQUEST" button.

This request form helps us to establish the number of turkeys that need to be processed. Due to the fact that turkeys are a live commodity there is no way to guarantee an exact number of any given size.

Our online request form will be available Wednesday, December 3 through Sunday, December 21 for December turkey requests.

Note that all entries (except for optional comments) are required.

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Pickup date options: December 15-24.
If you want to pick up your turkey any other day, please email us.
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Product TypePrice/poundQuantity
Hen (10-14lbs.) $2.25
Hen (15-18lbs.) $2.25
Hen (19-22lbs.) $2.25
Hen (23-24lbs.) $2.25
Tom (30-35 lbs.) $2.10
Tom (36-40 lbs.) $2.10
Bone-In Breast (8-10lbs.) $4.50
Bone-In Breast (10-12lbs.) $4.50
Smoked Turkey (9-11lbs.) $4.90
Smoked Turkey (12-14 lbs.) $4.90
Smoked Breast (3-6lbs.) $5.90
Smoked Breast (9-11lbs.) $5.90
Please click the button only ONCE to submit your request.